“Upon training puppies, they are just like preschool children, you are the only person other than their parents who impact their life,” said Rosanne Krager, the owner of The Calm Companion K9 Training LLC. Three years ago, after retiring from a preschool for disabilities, Rosanne started her new business to help create a companionship of respect and trust for a well-balanced dog. Residents bring their lovely dogs to Rosanne’s place to get them trained and they all affectionately called that place “the doghouse”.
The dog house is not just the base for her business. It witnesses every sweet moment happened among Rosanne, those puppies, and their owners. The development of trust between Rosanne and new dogs, the bond between these dogs and their owners, the clap for every change in their behavior,  all of them constitute the treasurable memory in this house. One by one, these dogs graduated from the doghouse, but that is not the end. All the good things that these puppies and their owners learned is continued outside the dog house and impact the whole community.
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