Danielle Russell is a slight, soft-spoken female blacksmith who turns 23 years old this month. She runs the Lockhart Ironwork workshop in Logan, Ohio with her stepfather. Compared with her stepfather and other male blacksmiths, her age and appearance make herself looks not much like a blacksmith with over five years of professional experience. However, she started being a helper for the Lockhart workshop since she was 13 years old and has been training for seven years to be a capable smith. The experience of being trained as a blacksmith not only influences Danielle’s future but also brings one significant adjustments to the craft that other male blacksmith learned as a young man: “You give a man a hammer, and he’ll do what a man does: He’ll wind up and smash as hard as he can. And the piece is going to end up ruined and back in the fire.” She knows that she doesn't have to be physically strong to do this since blacksmithing is more about control.
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