Gos Schmillen, a brewmaster from the Little Fish Brewing Factory, squats behind three rows of wine barrels on March. 27, 2017, in Athens, Ohio. Little Fish Brewing Factory is an microbrewery which uses organic malts and local specialty grains, such as corn and spelt. They currently have 16 different brews on tap.
Ziqiao Xu and his Polaroid Collection
Mei Jie use fork as a drumstick to knock the pot in his apartment in Athens, Ohio on Feb. 27, 2017. "This is how I play music in my childhood.", he said.

Mia poses for a portrait. which demonstrates her feeling about being choked by stress.

Daniel Lockhart, a female blacksmith in Logan, Ohio.

Dr. Chan Saysana, an anesthesiologist working in Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, IN, poses for his brand portrait in a surgery room.

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