In 1985, Victoria Goss took Bella Run Equine co-founder, Rachel Bendler, to her first slaughter sale. She drilled into Rachel's brain that if a rescue were to survive, wise choices must be made, and every penny must be micromanaged and used responsibly. Among traders and dealers masquerading as "rescues," Rachel saw a need to speak up for the horses that are overlooked while being someone that potential adopters could rely on. She committed to pulling these slaughter-bound horses responsibly, the right way.
In 2015 alone, over 125000 American horses were hauled across the borders to Canada and Mexico. They are unwanted horses. These horses need homes and homes were looking for horses. Zack and Rachel have made their mission to bridge the gap. They started saving horses from kill auctions together, rehabilitating them, and finding them homes. For now, they have around 30 horses in their barren. Under Zack and Rachel’s good care, they finally start to enjoy the wonderful life as being an equine.

Rachel Bendler tries to lead Cher in the truck so they can transport her to the new corral in Bella Run Equine in Athens, Ohio, on Sept.17, 2017.  Zack and Rachel found Cher and other four wild horses near the border of their property.

Zack Bendler gets a halter on Matilda in Athens, Ohio, on Sept. 30, 2017. He rode her later that day.

Rachel Bendler and Zack Bendler ride Matilda inside the barn in Athens, Ohio, on Sept. 30, 2017. They tried to teach these wild or abandoned horses how to be ridden so that they can get adopted.

Rachel Bendler kisses one of her dogs Charlie. Rachel and Zach raised and adopted over 20 dogs in their farm.

Jacob Rose (left), the assistant, Dr. Helen Rutter and Dr. Ryan Rutter from Foggy Ridge Vet castrate a donkey in Bella Run Equine in Athens, Ohio on Sept. 26, 2017.

These trophies are placed on a table in the barn of Bella Run Equine. Rachel’s friend, Ashley Ditty, donated these trophies to Bella Run Equine so Zack and Rachel can use them as prizes at this weekend’s fun show.

Rachel Bendler does daily cleaning for Matilda in Athens, Ohio, on Sept. 17, 2017.

Derek Bell, Keith Reasoner, Rachel Bendler, Trisken Emmert, Zack Bendler and Ethan Fowle work together to encourage Autumn to step in the truck in Athens, Ohio, on Sept. 22, 2017. She and her sisters were transported to a new corral in Bella Run Equine.

Christina Lantsman, a friend of Rachel Bendler, feeds Peaches (left) and Zesty with fresh apples in Athens, Ohio, on September 27, 2017. She helped Bella Run Equine and the abandoned horses get more fund-raising and the attention of the Athens community.

Rachel Bendler and Trisken Emmert try to transport these horses to the new corral they build in Athens, Ohio, on Sept.22, 2017.

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